Thursday Art Workshop & Lunch 10am until 2.30pm

Curragh Sun-days live music from 2pm until 7pm, called 077361 75866 for details or to perform!

Howard Town Brewery Tap, Hawkshead Mill, Hope Street, Old Glossop SK13 7SS  Call Sean 077361 75866



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There is an ongoing exhibition of Sean's paintings and photographs in the Gallery,  and a regular display of other artist's work. We have different artists on the main wall, which change up every few months. We've had the works of the artists like Ghislaine Howard, Harry Ousey and Roger Needham. There will always be something new up with each visit.

Cellar Bar Sessions
The now legendary session is basically a group of like-minded friends, musicians and songwriters who gather in the Cellar Bar at the Laughing Badger and do their thing, including the wonderful Amy Griffiths, left, who blew everyone out of the water with her powerful voice. 

Mostly on Friday, but sometimes on a Thursday or a Saturday., depending on how the muse goes. If you would like an invite to play or just listen please look us up on Facebook.

The Cellar Bar

The cellar bar is also used for special events and occasions. Like a performance of Sean's play; "The Angel of O'connell Street- the first reading".  ​(pictured left)

The cellar can also be booked out for parties or similar events. Enquiries can be made through the contacts found below or by visiting either the Cellar Bar Sessions or Laughing Badger Gallery Facebook pages and giving us a message.