Watch this space for further announcements re food and please note at present Sean's Workshops & Lunch on a Thursday, plus a few brews and toast and the like is all he is doing. The delights below including the amazing baking from his daughter Niamh are on the wish-list. You can of course order a Brewery Tap Cheeseboard during opening hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



The Full Italian                                £5

A towering delight constructed with care from the following

components: Ciabatta, mushrooms, onions, rocket, smoked

salmon or Parma Ham, eggs, olives and cheese.


Laughing Badger All-In                     £5

Two slices of white bloomer forced apart by three slices of bacon, cheese, onions, mushrooms and two fried eggs.


Bacon Butty on Bloomer                    £4


Toasted Bloomer with:                       £5

Smoked Salmon, Parma Ham or Bacon & Scrambled Egg

Omelette with choice of fillings          £5

LB Egg Bread with a choice of fillings £5

Woody's Scones                              £3 

Various scones available depending on daily ingredients. Served with mascarpone, lemon curd or various jams.


Assorted Teas                                  £1


Small Cafetiere  £1.50

Medium             £3.00

Large                 £5.00

Hot chocolate with milk  £1.50

De-caf tea and coffee available

Some ingredients are subject to availability

                 Laughing Badger All-In                                          Woody's scones

Badger Bakes

Thursday Art Workshop & Lunch 10am until 2.30pm

Curragh Sun-days live music from 2pm until 7pm, called 077361 75866 for details or to perform!

Howard Town Brewery Tap, Hawkshead Mill, Hope Street, Old Glossop SK13 7SS  Call Sean 077361 75866



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